We’re currently focusing on New Kids on the Block – those businesses recently opened up on Margaret River’s main street!

Q: Who are you and what’s your one line elevator pitch?


Brett: I’m Brett, and our one line elevator pitch is ‘Where classy meets comfort’.

Sharon: Yes, we’re creating a relaxed, loungey environment, with comfort food, somewhere to talk, relax, have good wine and cocktails.

Brett: Everything we do reflects Margaret River. I believe when people come to the region they want to be immersed in the region.

Sharon: We decided that we’d only stock Margaret River wines, we love Margaret River wines – that’s why we came to live here.  Not the number one reason but it’s very high up on the list of priorities!

Q: Apart from the wine, why did you decide to take on a restaurant in Margs?


Sharon: We love it down here and wanted to be part of a business that was involved with the community.  We both have a background in business, Brett in real estate and me working in dentistry for 34 years.  We wanted to start a business together and we agreed to choose a business that neither of us knew. Hospitality seemed perfect. Our learning curve is not a curve – it’s a complete straight up!

Brett: We both felt drawn to Margaret River. I’m from the country in Albany and we both love the country and the coastline here. Margaret River just felt right for us.

We decided that we’d only stock Margaret River wines, we love Margaret River wines – that’s why we came to live here.  Not the number one reason but it’s very high up on the list of priorities!

Q: What’s your personal favourite thing on the menu and why?


Sharon: We eat in our restaurant – we’ve eaten our way through the menu probably ten times over (which is a good sign) and there’s nothing I don’t like.  But probably it’s the ravioli.  We’re changing the menu from ‘a la carte’ to ‘lounge food’, a relaxed place where you can eat finger food and enjoy good wineThe new menu will be real comfort foods – hot potatoes and all that sort of stuff – but we’re keeping the ravioli on the menu by popular demand!

Brett: For me it’s the sweets. The Broulee is our signature dish and we’re retaining that on the new menu.  The way we serve it is not in the traditional ramekin but in a long, shallow boat.  For couples it’s a share thing – people’s eating habits seem to be moving towards more shared dishes anyway – and couples start at each end and meet in the middle.

Q: What’s something interesting or quirky about you that people may not know?


Brett: I’m ex-military – I spent 25 years in the Navy so there is a bit of OCD about me!  I do like my Restaurant Manager to iron his shirt, and I make sure I polish my shoes, but I’ve diluted it down a bit and I think my attentiveness works in this industry.

Sharon: We’ve actually merged into one person.  Our registered business name is ‘Sharett’ – Sharon and Brett.  Working with our Bar Manager we’re about to create a cocktail called the Sharett.

Brushes and bubbles

Q: Every local should come visit your shop because…


Sharon: One attraction is our ‘Brushes and bubbles’ upstairs, which we’re doing pretty much every Friday night.  The space upstairs has twelve seats, and we have an artist who comes in and leads everybody through the process of doing their own painting.  It’s $75 a ticket and you get a glass of bubbles on arrival, a grazing plate, all the materials and guidance to take away your own artwork.  It’s full waitress service up there so you can have more drinks.

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