We’re currently focusing on New Kids on the Block – those businesses recently opened up on Margaret River’s main street!

Q: Who are you and what’s your one line elevator pitch

I’m the Manager, Duncan, and I’ve just got a passion for food.  My whole career has been centred around catering. What attracted me to Toastface Grillah was the focus of it.  This is what we do; we’re a toastie shop with speciality coffee – there’s no diversion from that and what we do, and we do it well.

Q: Why did Toastface Grillah choose Margs, and why did you decide to take it on?


The owner Alister’s got family down here, so the attraction to open the business down here is obvious.  It’s an existing brand that’s successful up in Perth and there was an opportunity to bring it down here.  What attracted me to come and work for Toastface is that it’s a great, focused concept: just toasties and coffee.  We’re not trying to do too many things okay, just one thing and do it well.

Q: What’s your personal favourite thing on the menu and why?


I really like the Chizza – the one with the beef pattie, onion rings, and high melt cheese and stuff!  It’s really nice; flavour-packed with American mustard and pickles.  But people call it all sorts of things – the “Chizzare”, the “Chaz”, the “burger one”, etc. One of the more amusing things is listening to people trying to pronounce some of the names of the toasties.  Some people will refuse to say “Shroomy Shroomy Ya”, but all the names are a spoof on the hip hop theme.

Because…toasties bro

Q: What’s something interesting about you that people may not know?


I’m a massive motor sport fan.  I don’t know if you’ve seen my little grey Daihatsu parked out the back.  I’m in the process of painting it.  If I need to switch off my catering brain I can go and work on the car – it’s a bit of an art project at the moment.  I’ve spent as much on suspension as on the whole car, it’s really low and scrapes everywhere.

Q: Speaking of scraping through, how did you go at the Toastie Battle recently?


We won the Cabin Fever Festival’s Toastie Battle down at The Common with a toastie you can buy any day at the shop – it speaks volumes!

Q: Every local should come visit your shop because…


Because toasties, bro!

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