The wild and wonderful beasts of the sea are back and can be spotted from Augusta’s newest trail.

Recent travel restrictions haven’t stopped our ocean based visitors from making an appearance along the picturesque coastline of the Town and their spectacular presence brings great joy to the whole community.

Winter storms and cold weather marks the start of the whale season in the most Southern part of the region. What do you call a group whales you ask? Well, groups of whales are referred to as either a pod, a gam or a school. Gams of whales have already been spotted in Flinders Bay, breeching and tail slapping as they make their migration North towards warmer waters over the next few months.

Take a walk or ride along the newly built path between the Augusta Marina and Dead Finish Trail and you might be lucky enough to catch the breathtaking site of a whale spouting water in the waves.

Fancy a closer look? You could grab a set of binoculars or join one of the whale tour operators down at the marina to get up close and personal with these magnificent water mammals.

When you’re done exploring the natural wonders of Augusta there will be a hot drink and a tasty treat waiting for you at one of the many local retailers in Town.

Visit to book a whale watching tour today.